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3D6 Football

A Unique New Dice/Strategy Football Boardgame!

Made in the USA by available from The Game Crafter ($14.99)

This game mimics the quick turnarounds and excitement associated with American football. Call a Hail Mary, an onside kick or punt. Go for the 2-point conversion or extra point, force fumbles and interceptions or earn penalties and safeties. Go for it on 4th down or attempt a field goal. You have a lot of choices and ways to win this game. Go for the highest score, the most forced fumbles, interceptions, penalties and/or sacks.

Basics: Players select plays, roll THREE six-sided dice (3D6) and total the “roll” to determine the results with the charts for Kickoff, Standard Offense and Defense, Onside Kick, Punt, Field Goal, Extra Point, 2-Point Conversion and the Hail Mary. Standard American football rules apply. Track scrimmage line for offense on the field cards, scores for each team on the scorecard and statistics for each team on the statistics card.

Highest score wins in football right? Well, we have some other options. Track fumbles, interceptions, penalties, and sacks on the statistics card. Use these statistic to break ties or create your own scoring system. Add a token for each fumble, interception and sack on the respective placeholder for defense. For a penalty, place the token on the placeholder for the team that benefits from the penalty. In this way, all statistic tokens count positively for scoring.

We have even added ideas on how to use an auto player for solo play. There are decisions to be made, and you can either make them on the fly per game or create an entire decision system. There are currently 32 teams in the NFL. You could easily create 32 sets of automated decision systems, name them, and play entire seasons with playoffs against each system and have them play against each other or bring real players in to complete the year!

It's a powerful and fun new approach to tabletop football. Most importantly, it uses 3D6 - our namesake! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Publish Date November 05, 2015

(c) 2015 by 3D6 Games

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