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Borg Hives

Multiple Borg Queens Vie For Power And Control!

Made in the USA by available from The Game Crafter AT COST 'til 2016!

There has been a serious break in the hive mind and now there are 2-6 queens vying for power. Control Borg hive structures, planets and wormholes by placing tiles and Borg cubes in strategic positions to win.

If you love Carcassonne, you will love this game, which has some new twists to the Carcassonne game mechanics. Shuffle the 77 tiles, select 12 tiles at random and take EIGHT borg cubes of ONE color. Place the tiles and Borg cubes to gain control and win!

Place Tiles And Borg Cubes To Control The Universe!

It's The Borg! Borg Borg Borg!

Easy To Learn And Fun To Play!

Publish Date October 23, 2015

(c) 2015 by 3D6 Games

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