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Elemental Master

Use Elemental Matches To Become A Master!

Made in the USA by available from The Game Crafter ($15.99)

Theme/Mission: As you seek to master every aspect of your life experience by matching your cards with six elemental fundamentals in the elemental card pool, use your special abilities to develop a strategy that gains you the best score through six rounds of play!

Includes 54 Cards: 18 Standard Match cards, 12 Bonus Match cards, 18 Standard Match cards with one of three Special Abilities, 3 Score cards and 3 Turn cards (no match scores available for these last 6 cards).

Players: 1-6. Add an additional deck to accommodate up to 12 players. Although you score against the elemental card pool and can play solo, additional players can affect the elemental pool, which offers an opportunity to affect the scores of other players!

All games are SIX rounds and take about THREE minutes per player. A perfect score is 21 and there are SIX match levels of scoring, each worth game points for multiple games.
    A. Elemental Master: 21
    B. Zen Master: 20
    C. Elemental Trainer: 18 or 19
    D. Zen Trainer: 15 to 17
    E. Artist: 12 to 14
    F. Student: 8 to 11
    G. Lowest Of The Low: 0 to 7
Multiple Game Scores: Take game points for match levels A through G as 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, -1 and -2 per game, respectively.

Publish Date October 15, 2015

(c) 2015 by 3D6 Games

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