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Galactic Survival

Escape Borg assimilation only to face the life absorption menace of the Black Crystals!

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FOUR races are fleeing Borg space in order to escape assimilation and establish colonies in a safe region of space. Survivors must first pass through a 288-sector region of space where an even worse menace thrives - the silicon based Black Crystal entities. These deadly crystals absorb the life force from your colonists and destroy your ships. Many will not survive, and the crystals have the ability to wipe out your entire race before you reach the safe zone where you hope to establish your colonies and develop a new civilization.

Move your ships out of Borg space, through the crystal region (board) and into the safe region of space with as many ships and colonists as possible in 40 rounds of play (approx. 20 minutes per player) in regular play when you start with 8 ships. You can also play shorter games using 20 rounds of play and 6 ships or longer games with 60 rounds of play and 10 ships.

Terran Pyramidians Free Borg Domers

The random movement of the crystals offers a challenge more against the game itself than other players, but there are multiple player strategies that can add a strategic dimension between players.

Easy To Learn And Fun To Play!

Published November 29, 2015

(c) 2015 by 3D6 Games

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