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Karma Crystals - First Five Games

This is a complete game system that includes 5 games!

Made in the USA by The Game Crafter - $49.99!

History: This is a collection of the first FIVE Karma Crystals games and includes Block Master, Pass The Karma, Move Master, Elemental Battle and Swarm. They have been repackaged for your convenience and to significantly cut the cost of buying these FIVE games separately, and modifications were made to accommodate colorblind players. The games use many interchangeable parts (tokens and cards). These parts can also be used as a game system for games that you create.

The common rules that apply to all the games are covered separately from the specific rules for each game to leave you with less documentation. Also, the standard THREE 6-sided dice used by all of the games have been replaced by an 18-card elemental dice deck for easier play.

Easy To Learn And Fun To Play!

Available on The Game Crafter's website.

Publish Date October 30, 2015

(c) 2015 by 3D6 Games

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Borg Hives
Elemental Master
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Karma Crystals - First Five Games